Engineering & Simulation Consultants


As chemical process engineering consultants we provide conceptual and front-end engineering design services with the following typical deliverables:

- Developing process design basis

- Developing conceptual design

- Performing process calculations and mass & energy balances

- Sizing of major and auxiliary equipment such as pumps

- Sizing of lines, valves and safety relief valves

- Selection of unit operations, instrument, valves and pumps

- Preparation of valve, instrument, equipment and line list

- Preparation of instrument and equipment datasheets

- Hydraulic study

- Developing control philosophy and functional specification

- Developing process flow diagrams (PFDs) and piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)

Process dynamic system modelling and simulation using ASPEN Plus or ASPEN Hysys

​​- Developing commissioning procedure and operational manual

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​​​​​​Hydrogen System Design

Our hydrogen system design consultants provide independent performance-based engineering review We verify all our designs with simulation to minimise uncertainties and ensure that the system will perform in the real-world as predicted.

- Conceptual and chemical process engineering design of hydrogen system or plant
- Front-end-engineering-design (FEED) and multidisciplinary detailed engineering design
- Design of integrated control and safety system (ICSS) that consists of BPCS + alarms + SIS

- Developing process flow diagrams (PFDs) and piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
- Experienced in designing hydrogen system as per regulatory requirements
- Distributed control system (DCS) or modular programmable logic controller (PLC) system
- Mechanical engineering design supported by 2D drafting and 3D geometrical modelling

- Design and sizing of utility equipment, reactor, adsorption column and gas separators

- Performance evaluation of all major unit operations

- Evaluation of hydrogen system or plant safety

- Design verification for process unit operations using ASPEN Plus, ASPEN Hysys, ANSYS CFD

- Design of cryogenic system or plant layout and pipe routing

Plant Hazard Mitigation - Jimmy Lea P/L
Hydrogen System Design - Jimmy Lea P/L


Major accidents in a chemical or process plant can be divided into fire, explosions and unconfined vapour cloud explosions. Economic loss is consistently high for accidents that involved explosions. As experienced performance-based plant hazard mitigation specialists, we conduct plant hazard, risk and consequence assessment in the chemical, hydrogen and major hazard facilities (MHFs). Our plant hazard mitigation services include but not limited to:

​- Chemical Plants: pressure build up, toxic material leakage, fire, smoke, vapour cloud explosion
- Coal Storage: particle concentration downwind, effectiveness of mitigation measures

- Hydrogen System: leaked gas dispersion, analysis of areas prone to leakage, review of plant design
- LNG Plants: temperature rise, vessel or pipe leakage, gas dispersion, vapour cloud explosion 
- Major Hazard Facility: vessel or pipe leakage, vapour cloud explosion, reaction runaway

- Physical Energy: pipes and vessels explosion study and prediction of peak overpressure
​- Gas explosion: prediction of radius of impact, buildings affected and the severity of the explosion
- Blast Mitigation: explosion mitigation measures and redesign of MHFs plant layout

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Plant Engineering Design - Jimmy Lea P/L

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Chemical Process Engineering - Jimmy Lea P/L


As plant engineering consultants, we provide performance-based engineering design services across many industries particularly in the areas of:

- Multidisciplinary detailed engineering design for construction

- Capability includes designing plants that process materials in solid, liquid and/or gas phases

- Design of integrated control and safety system (ICSS) that consists of BPCS + alarms + SIS

- Experienced in designing plants as per regulatory requirements, standards and design codes

- Distributed control system (DCS) or modular programmable logic controller (PLC) system

- Mechanical engineering design supported by 2D drafting and 3D geometrical modelling

- Structural design of ladders and platforms as per relevant Australian Standards

- Design of plant layout and pipe routing

- Procurement, inspection and receiving of equipment on behalf of clients

​- Factory acceptance, testing and witnessing

- Plant construction management to ensure the plant is constructed as per design intention

- Commissioning support and process plant or chemical plant performance optimisation


As one of the most established chemical plant design firms, our engineering consultants provide professional services in plant engineering design, chemical process engineering, plant hazard mitigation and hydrogen system design.

We differentiate ourselves in the way we approach a problem. Our standard approach involves in-depth analysis that goes beyond simply adopting rule-of-thumb guidelines. Whilst rule-of-thumb provides a starting point for most design works, it has the tendency to overdesign which eventually leads to higher overall fabrication and project costs. In a nutshell, our engineering consultants are supported by in-house simulation technologies to ensure effective & efficient deliverables.​ We provide services to clients based in Australia and Singapore.

Our scope of engineering services are: (1) Plant Engineering Design, (2) Chemical Process Engineering, (3) Plant Hazard Mitigation and (4) Hydrogen System Design