We offer process development service of various plant processes via physical experiments as well as virtual simulations. The scope of work in which our engineering consultants operate include:
- Feasibility studies and development of sustainable energy
- Process development of environmentally friendly processes
- Develop inherently safe plant processes appropriate for detailed engineering design
- Process development that convert waste products into energy
- Design, construction and operation of pilot-plants to obtain evidence-based results
- Provides design support to produce a less energy intensive process equipment
- Develop customised mixer, batch reactor and continuous stirred tank reactor

- Develop customised ultra-violet disinfection unit

- Process and equipment scale-up from laboratory scale to pilot plant

- Process and equipment scale-up from pilot plant to full-scale commercial plant

- Provide independent assessment of the technical and economic feasibility of a particular process


As engineering consultants, we provide multidisciplinary plant engineering design across many industries particularly in the functional areas of:

- Applied chemical and process engineering expertise

- Conceptual design and front end engineering design (FEED)

- Detailed process system integration design suitable for construction

- Process dynamic system modelling and simulation using ASPEN HYSYS

- Hydraulic calculations, sizing of PRVs and studies of complex piping network

- Mechanical engineering design supported by 2D drafting and 3D geometrical modelling

- Piping designed to ASME B31.1, B31.3, AS 4041 and pipe stress analysis using CAESAR II

- Process control automation, electrical and instrumentation systems design

Preparation of design, procurement and construction packages

- Procurement, inspection and receiving of equipment on behalf of clients

- Plant construction management to ensure the plant is constructed as per design intention

- Commissioning support and plant performance optimisation using DOE, SPC and Pinch Analysis


We provide turnkey services which include engineering design, fabricate, global delivery and commissioning of modular units. Our engineering consultants experience includes:
- In-house engineering design capability and fabrication within our state-of-the-art facilities
- Fabricating high quality packages under more stringent industry standards and control
- Experienced in fabrication of mobile skids as well as 20 to 40-foot containerised units
- Modular assembly includes fabrication of steel structure and pipe spools
- Complete assembly with instrument, PLC cabinet, electrical wiring & junction box and insulation
- Performing factory commissioning and acceptance testing prior to delivery
- Renewable energy: by-product conversion, effluent gas and biomass conversion packages
- Water: desalination, water conditioning and ballast water treatment system
- Oil/gas: 2/3 phases separators, oil treater, sand removal and slug handling packages 
- Sterile: pharmaceutical and food manufacturing clean-in-place packages
- Skids and containerised units are available to be shipped globally


Our engineering consultants perform independent safety reviews of process plants which involves a holistic approach that covers the entire spectrum of the process plant whilst employing various tools and technologies. Despite the complexity of safety reviews, in general our safety reviews can be broken down into five major steps, namely:
- Engineering design which involves reviewing the plant designs particularly on the safety featured

  that have been incorporated into the design

- Chemical exposure index (CEI) which we use to identify and rank the relative acute health hazards

  associated with potential chemical releases and its impact to the people in the neighbourhood

- Review of the standard operating procedures (SOPs), including startup, shutdown, normal, and

  emergency procedures. We look out for those that my lead to human errors

- For plant already in operation, we will also review past plant performances using a combination of

  control system data log and statistical process control (SPC)

- Finally, we will identify the hazards present in the plant of interest, develop appropriate

  recommendations to improve the design and operating procedures and eliminate hazards


We provide engineering services to industries such as chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, renewable energy and water & wastewater. We differentiate ourselves in the way we approach a problem. Our standard approach involves in-depth analysis that goes beyond simply adopting rule-of-thumb guidelines. Whilst rule-of-thumb provides a starting point for most design works, it has the tendency to overdesign which eventually leads to higher overall fabrication costs. In a nutshell, our engineering consultants are supported by in-house simulation technologies to ensure effective & efficient deliverables. Our scope of engineering services are:
- Plant Engineering Design

- Plant Safety Review

- Plant Process Development

- Modular Design & Fabrication