We provide professional engineering services to industries such as the building & environment, chemical & petrochemical, critical infrastructure, food & beverage, renewable energy and water & wastewater. We differentiate ourselves in the way we approach a problem. Our standard approach involves in-depth analysis that goes beyond simply adopting rule-of-thumb guidelines. Whilst rule-of-thumb provides a starting point for most design works, it has the tendency to overdesign which eventually leads to higher overall fabrication and project costs. In a nutshell, our engineering consultants are supported by in-house simulation technologies to ensure effective & efficient deliverables. We provide services to clients based in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and our scope of engineering services are:
- Plant Engineering Design

​- Blast Mitigation Design

- Building Services Review

- Complex Systems Review

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Our building services engineering consultants provide independent performance-based engineering review services of building services design to ensure the building of interest will perform as design intention. We also provide performance-based engineering troubleshooting services. The scope of work in which our chartered professional engineers operate include:

Mechanical services: air condition, mechanical cooling, heating, humidity & ventilation AS 1668.2
- Hydraulic services: sanitary plumbing & drainage, potable hot & cold water, recycled water, water

  treatment system
- Environmental sustainable design: energy modelling, thermal comfort analysis, natural ventilation

  study, solar & glare analysis
- Environmental impact: removing particulates & contaminants, diluting gaseous contaminants,

  pollutants emission study
- Air movement: circulating and mixing air for proper ventilation and thermal energy transfer
- Fire Engineering: smoke and hazard management, emergency egress study

​- Wind effects and wind loads on buiding structures


We provide performance-based complex systems review and endorsement services for air, naval and land systems. Our systems engineering consultants experience includes:
- Independent third-party engineeering evaluation for air, land and naval defence systems
- Aerostructures conceptual design and analysis
- Aircraft performance modelling and simulation analysis

- Naval ship hull form design and minimisation of its drag coefficient to increase its efficiency

- Naval systems hydrodynamics modelling and simulation

- Naval propulsion systems performance review
- Submarine propellar noise signature and degree of cavitation assessment

- Design of an armoured vehicle and assessment of its resilience against blast attacks

- Determination of missiles drag coefficient

- Independent review of the effectiveness of weapons against structures

- Assessment of advanced composite materials suitability for service

- Design and optimisation of munition plants

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Plant Engineering Design - Jimmy Lea P/L

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Infrastructure Protection Design - Jimmy Lea P/L


Engineering & Simulation Consultants
Building Services Review - Jimmy Lea P/L
Defence Systems Review - Jimmy Lea P/L


We provide blast mitigation design services to defend critical infrastructure and public space against primary to quaternary blast injuries. Our scope of work includes:
- Advanced analysis that considers site, architectural and structural resilience of assets
- Calculation of positive and negative phases of blast wave parameters

- Blast wave and fragment effects analysis and their impact against structures and personnel
- Customised mitigation measures and recommendations to mitigate risks

- Mitigation measures will eliminate or reduce the severity of primary to quaternary blast injuries

We provide personnel protection against pressurised pipes and vessels explosion, particularly in chemical process plants classified as a major hazard facility (MHF). Our consulting engineers provide:
- Pipes and vessels explosion study, prediction of peak overpressure and gas dispersion analysis
- Advanced analysis of the consequences of pipes and vessels explosion

​- Prediction of radius of impact, buildings affected and the severity of the explosion

- Explosion mitigation measures and redesign of chemical or petrochemical plant layout

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As an engineering consultants and one of the most advanced chemical plant design firms, we provide performance-based engineering design services across many industries particularly in the areas of:

- Front-end engineering design (FEED) and detailed engineering design for construction

- Capability includes designing plants that process materials in solid, liquid and/or gas phases

- Design of integrated control and safety system (ICSS) that consists of BPCS + alarms + SIS

- Experienced in designing plants as per regulatory requirements, standards and design codes

- Distributed control system (DCS) or modular programmable logic controller (PLC) system

- Process dynamic system modelling and simulation using ASPEN PLUS or ASPEN HYSYS

- Hydraulic calculations, sizing of PRVs and studies of complex piping network

- Process flow diagrams (PFDs) and piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)

- Mechanical engineering design supported by 2D drafting and 3D geometrical modelling

- Procurement, inspection and receiving of equipment on behalf of clients

- Plant construction management to ensure the plant is constructed as per design intention

- Commissioning support and process plant or chemical plant performance optimisation