Engineering & Simulation Consultants

Engineering Design Specialist

​​​​As an engineering design specialist, we have provided value-add professional engineering services to clients within the built environment such as an airport, chemical & petrochemical including the storage and transportation of cryogenic fluids, defence & security such as blast effects study, food & beverage, manufacturing, marine & offshore, mining & mineral processing such as hydrodynamic studies, oil & gas including the storage and supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG), pharmaceutical, renewable energy, semiconductor and water & wastewater industries. Besides offering engineering services, we are also one of the leading CFD consulting companies providing advanced CFD simulation services. Whilst our engineering designers deliver practical real-world solutions, our simulation consultants ensure that what our engineering designers design will work in the real-world setting the first time. We have delivered many projects within the Asia Pacific region and thus we are providing these downloadable files as one of the ways of giving back to the engineering profession. There are four categories of download available, namely: