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Our consulting firm is highly focused on just a few engineering and simulation services. As one of the leading engineering services companies offering professional services to clients located in Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Jakarta, our professional engineers have provided clients with excellent engineering design services supported by our in-house simulation consultants. Should your organisation requires our chartered engineers for plant engineering design, chemical process engineering, plant hazard mitigation and hydrogen plant design; or our simulation consultants for computational fluid dynamics, fluid structure interaction analysis, impact transient analysis or process dynamics simulation services review, please contact us at:


Their mastery of technical knowledge and ability to apply it to complex challenges is truly inspiring. Their problem-solving skills with aid of computerised fluid dynamics seem almost magical, as they effortlessly navigate through intricate problems to find innovative and efficient solutions. Thank you for being an exceptional pioneer engineer in such technology. Your work is not only making a difference in our organisation but also shaping a better and brighter future for all of engineers. We are truly fortunate to have you on our team.
- Kyo Yap, Deputy Director

Jimmy Lea provided a brilliant and comprehensive service, I would highly recommend the team for projects of all sizes and complexities.

- Ronald Sathio, Director

Top tier CFD service with local knowledge. Found the engineering staff to be professional and well across all required information and processes. Documentation was accurate and succinct. Highly recommend.
- Clinton Walker, Mechanical Engineer

Jimmy Lea Pty Ltd has undertaken some significant CFD modelling on behalf of Advitech Pty Ltd.  The CFD modelling service provided by Jimmy Lea Pty Ltd is both exceptionally prompt and thorough.  Whether the CFD modelling involves fluid flow modelling from scratch, third party verification of CFD modelling (by others) or validation of physical experiments, I would recommend Jimmy Lea Pty Ltd for the task.
- Colin Barker, Process Engineering Manager

Jimmy Lea Pty Ltd provided expert analysis on numerous processes throughout our manufacturing facility.  Their input enabled Matrix to optimise cycle times and improve quality assisting Matrix in becoming world class and globally competitive in the supply of oil and gas equipment.
- Peter Pezet, Strategic Business Unit Manager

Having worked with Jimmy and his team on a recent Data Centre review project his team provided an exceptional service.
- Mark Kennelly, Lead Electrical Engineer

My experience with Jimmy Lea was when my employer at the time Matrix Composites & Engineering hired Jimmy Lea for the mammoth task of helping transition the company from a small brownfield site to a state of the art greenfield site. Jimmy Lea’s people leadership and Engineering know-how navigated the company in a direction that was not only safe, efficient and compliant but also sustainable and adaptable for future growth and change.
- John Grosser, Associate Director

We hired Jimmy Lea to perform CFD Simulation to investigate the Air Conditioning system in Jakarta Terminal 3 Airport. The report highlighted the issue in our design and provided recommendation to improve the performance. They are very professional and I highly recommend this company.
- Chairunas Weratno, Mechanical Engineer

We have worked with JLCE on numerous tenders and successfully completed 1 project and we appreciate how JLCE handled the projects with prompt responses and high professionalism. The works are of great quality and we definitely recommend JLCE for his value-add and contribution to the projects.
- SD Architects & Associates

Professional Service - Dr Lea and his team were very helpful and thoroughly engaging and receptive to feedback throughout the whole project.
- Sharman Dustageer, Mechanical Engineer

In the field of engineering simulation, Jimmy Lea (Asia) Pte Ltd definitely stands out as one of the most credible engineering consulting firms in the region. Led by Senior Technologist Dr. Jimmy, the firm believes in investing in only the best in class engineering software codes, so as to produce expectation exceeding engineering works, many which challenge extreme engineering limits. Apart from FEA and CFD simulations, most notably is the firm's expertise in blast and explosive simulations which are highly complex simulations but rarely available in the region. It is no wonder why Jimmy Lea (Asia) Pte Ltd is one of the fastest growing and reputable firms in the region.

- Boon Wui Goh, Senior Sales Engineer

Wind Barrier Design: In 2018 I led a team which was contracted by Cerrejón to supply technical services in carrying out a third party review of potential wind barrier designs (structural review excluded) for control of particulate matter at the coal stockyards at Puerto Bolívar. Jimmy Lea was engaged to establish a separate independent CFD model in order to validate the findings of the Cerrejón CFD model. This was deemed desirable as the Cerrejón CFD was based solely upon air flow and wind speed plus did not allow for the impacts and/or cumulative impacts of the particles themselves. This model used EPA (1995) guidelines to simulate the lift off threshold of the coal dust particles. However, this approach was considered incomplete as it would always fail to account for coal dust particle deposition, etc through momentum loss from impact with surfaces and barriers. The Jimmy Lea model first stage performed flow field simulations similar to Cerrejón. The initial modelling was followed by a second stage advanced simulation which involved the introduction of appropriate of coal dust particle parameters. The more advanced Jimmy Lea simulation with allowance for the behaviour of the individual coal dust particles was considered better than the Cerrejón simulation. Jimmy Lea supplied a comprehensive report outlining his findings and recommendations. He also drove to my office, 160 kms, to meet with Cerrejón engineers who were reviewing my team’s overall findings. Jimmy was most impressive in answering all the questions posed to him by the engineers. This was an excellent result.
- Ross Iles, Senior Process Engineer