Engineering & Simulation Consultants


To consistently deliver high quality deliverables, all projects are subjected to our in-house quality control system. Every stage is checked and reviewed to ensure the final results are numerically accurate and make engineering-sense before being allowed to proceed to the next stage. This strategy prevents small errors emanating from each stage to snowball into a large error which ultimately affects the accuracy of the final results. Upon completing all simulation runs or calculations, the results and subsequent report are reviewed independently by another equally qualified engineer who has equivalent or more experience in the subject matter of interest. Finally, all results and reports are approved by the director prior to submission to the clients to ensure what the clients require is delivered.

As engineering and simulation specialists providing professional engineering services and performance-based engineering services to clients based in Sydney New South Wales, Melbourne Victoria, Brisbane Queensland, Perth Western Australia, Singapore we are considered as the leading performance-based engineering company in this region. We have successfully delivered over 100 challenging engineering projects to clients within the built environment, chemical & petrochemical, defence & security, food & beverage, hydrogen, manufacturing, marine & offshore, mining & mineral processing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, semiconductor and water & wastewater industries.