Conventional Engineering Disciplines

- Chemical Process Engineering
- Control Engineering

- Instrumentation Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering

- Plant Safety Engineering

Simulation Specialist Disciplines

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
- Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
- Impact Transient Analysis (ITA)
- Pipe Flow Analysis (PFA)
- Process Dynamics Simulation (PDS)​

BPEQ - Jimmy Lea
Engineers Australia - Jimmy Lea

The Meaning of Our Logo

Grey Metallic Gear
The grey metallic gear symbolises the company's comprehensive expertise in plant engineering. This includes the ability to design, manage and optimise complex systems in chemical plants and industrial facilities. The gear also represents the multidisciplinary nature of the company's design services. This suggests a holistic approach that integrates various engineering disciplines such as chemical, mechanical, control and electrical to develop efficient plant designs.

Blue Ring
The blue ring highlights the company's strong in-house simulation capabilities. This includes advanced computational techniques used to model and analyse fluid dynamics and other physical interactions within engineering systems.The blue ring serves as a service differentiator, emphasising the company's capability to provide advanced and specialised simulation services. This capability sets the company apart from competitors who may not offer such in-depth advanced analytical services.​

Colourless Fluid
The colourless fluid in the centre represents our core expertise in chemical process engineering. This includes the design of chemical processes and the company's proficiency in fluid mechanics, essential for designing systems where fluid behaviour significantly impacts the performance of the plant.

Our Approach and Scope of Services

Our approach to plant engineering services is rooted in advanced engineering practices and comprehensive analysis, surpassing the limitations of rule-of-thumb guidelines. While rule-of-thumb methods offer a foundational starting point for design, they often lead to overdesign or underdesign, resulting in higher fabrication costs and inefficiencies. Our systematic methodology involves detailed studies of recalcitrant process variables, ensuring optimal plant performance and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging in-depth analysis, we assess the impact of these variables on the desired plant outcomes, providing precise recommendations to minimise or eliminate potential financial losses. This proactive approach is integral to our process, allowing us to address and mitigate issues even before the construction of chemical plants begins. Our engineering services are underpinned by robust in-house simulation capabilities, ensuring that each design is meticulously optimised for both performance and cost efficiency. We are committed to delivering highly focused and effective engineering solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Scope of engineering services is: (1) Plant Engineering Design, (2) Chemical Process Engineering, (3) Plant Hazard Mitigation and (4) Hydrogen Plant Design

Scope simulation services is: (1) Computational Fluid Dynamics, (2) Fluid Structure Interaction, (3) Impact Transient Analysis and (4) Process Dynamics Simulation

Director's Message

Performing engineering design, calculations or modelling & simulations without proper knowledge may lead to misleading results that can eventually cause costly catastrophic consequences. In my engineering & simulation consulting firm, only qualified personnel are assigned to projects in their respective area of practice. In general, all my engineering professionals or simulation specialists at principal level have at least 15 years of relevant experience. In addition, to ensure the simulation results are accurate, we will only assign personnel with a PhD qualification specialised in modelling and simulation. These simulation specialists are supported by engineering professionals to ensure their recommended solutions to the clients are practical, implementable and cost effective. 

To consistently deliver high quality deliverables, all projects are subjected to my firm's stringent quality control system. Every stage is thoroughly checked and reviewed to ensure the inputs or results are accurate and make engineering-sense before being allowed to proceed to the next stage. This strategy prevents small errors emanating from each stage to snowball into a large error which ultimately affects the accuracy of the final results, designs or systems. Finally, by keeping the size of my firm small, this boutique-size model effectively enables my firm to respond faster, to provide a much more personalised and highly focused professional engineering services to many clients. 

Dr. Jimmy Lea 
PhD (UNSW), FIEAust CPEng and RPEQ​

Engineering Consultants - Jimmy Lea P/L

Process Design Engineers


Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2011, we have established a reputation as leading process design engineers by integrating conventional engineering with advanced modelling and simulation technology. Our chemical plant designers can rely on our in-house simulation consultants to verify and enhance engineering designs. Supported by highly qualified, experienced multidisciplinary chartered engineers, professional engineers, specialist simulation consultants and technologists, we have successfully delivered numerous challenging and complex projects to clients in Australia and Singapore.

Engineers and Simulation Specialists

Our company is spearheaded and managed by Chartered Engineers from diverse engineering and industry backgrounds who thoroughly understand the requirements of the engineering industry. We employ experienced multidisciplinary engineers, simulation specialists, technologists, project managers, drafters and administrative support staff based in Sydney and Singapore. Within our delivery team, all disciplinary engineers and technologists possess formal tertiary qualifications from reputable universities, while all our simulation specialists hold PhDs specialising in simulation, coupled with extensive experience across various industries. Collectively, our conventional engineers, simulation specialists and technologists have over 50 years of combined experience.

Engineering Consultants - Jimmy Lea P/L


Engineering & Simulation Consultants