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Our consulting engineers service the built environment, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, hydrogen energy, manufacturing, marine & offshore, mining & mineral processing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, semiconductor and water & wastewater industries. 


Plant Hazard Mitigation - Jimmy Lea P/L
Plant Engineering Design - Jimmy Lea P/L


Engineering : (1) Chemical, (2) Control, (3) Instrumentation, (4) Mechanical and (5) Plant Safety 
Simulation: (1) Computational Fluid Dynamics, (2) Fluid Structure Interaction, (3) Impact Transient, (4) Pipe Flow and (5) Process Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics - Jimmy Lea P/L


Plant Engineering Design 

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Plant Hazard Mitigation

Hydrogen Plant Design

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Explicit Dynamics Analysis - Jimmy Lea P/L
Engineering & Simulation Consultants
Fluid Structure Interaction - Jimmy Lea P/L
Chemical Process Engineering - Jimmy Lea P/L

Hydrogen Plant Design

Process Dynamics Simulation

Process Dynamics Simulation - Jimmy Lea P/L

Fluid Structure Interaction

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Plant Hazard Mitigation

Engineering and Simulation Consulting Services

We provide engineering and simulation consulting services to organisations that desire to stay ahead of the competition by adopting advanced engineering technology.

Our engineering consultants work closely with and provide valuable engineering-backed inputs to our clients via one or a combination of several of our core services:


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are engineering & simulation consultants with offices in Sydney and Singapore. Our multidisciplinary and process engineering consultants service clients across Australia and Singapore, providing tailored solutions to meet diverse needs.

Our engineering consultants services are focused plant engineering design, chemical process engineering, plant hazard mitigation and hydrogen plant design.

Our simulation consultants services are focused on computational fluid dynamics, fluid structure interaction, impact transient analysis and process dynamics simulation.

Our consulting engineers' collective strength and capability lie in combining and harnessing engineering and simulation technology, thus using performance-based engineering to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to clients. By leveraging our in-house simulation technology, we deliver cost-effective, inherently safe plant designs that are environmentally friendly and comply with government regulations.

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Whether clients are designing a new chemical plant, a hydrogen energy plant or reinforcing infrastructure against blast waves from ruptured pressurised pipes, our experienced engineering and simulation consultants ensure they receive appropriate, value-added solutions. By utilising advanced methodologies and cutting-edge technology, we optimise processes, enhance safety and conduct comprehensive services such as detailed process design, equipment selection and safety assessments, supported by our in-house simulation technology. This approach ensures practical, cost-effective and high-quality outcomes for our clients.

Hydrogen Plant Design - Jimmy Lea P/L

Engineering Consultants

Plant Engineering Design

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