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Explicit Dynamics Analysis - Jimmy Lea P/L
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Fluid Structure Interaction - Jimmy Lea P/L
Chemical Process Engineering - Jimmy Lea P/L

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Blast Effects Analysis - Jimmy Lea P/L

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We provide engineering and simulation consulting services to organisations that desire to stay ahead of the competition. As a specialist consulting firm, our engineering consultants work closely with and provide valuable scientifically-backed inputs to our clients with the objective of improving the employee’s safety and the organisation’s profitability. Our consulting engineers service the built environment, chemical & petrochemical, defence & security, food & beverage, manufacturing, marine & offshore, mining & mineral processing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, semiconductor and water & wastewater industries. Whether the clients are designing a new major hazard facility, a chemical plant, reinforcing their infrastructure against blast wave emanating from an explosive charge or a pressurised pipe rupture, or enhancing building performance, our experienced engineering and simulation consultants will ensure that they receive appropriate, value-added solutions. Our services are not constrained geographically and we provide services to clients globally to address their concerns.


​​​​​​​​​​​We are an engineering & simulation consultants, founded in Sydney Australia, with offices in Sydney and Singapore. Our conventional engineering services are plant engineering design, chemical process engineering, plant hazard mitigation and building services review. Our advanced simulation services are focused on computational fluid dynamics, fluid structure interaction, explicit dynamics analysis and blast effects analysis. Our consulting engineers collective strength and capability lie in harnessing engineering & simulation technology and thus use performance-based engineering to deliver practical and cost effective solutions to the clients. Currently, our conventional and simulation engineers service clients based in Sydney, Singapore, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne.

Our Mission: to deliver effective solutions to our clients

Our Vision: to remain as the preferred engineering & simulation consultants in Australia and Singapore

Our Values: we believe in upholding professional integrity, being committed to our tasks and be passionate about our profession

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Plant Hazard Mitigation - Jimmy Lea P/L
Plant Engineering Design - Jimmy Lea P/L

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Computational Fluid Dynamics - Jimmy Lea P/L

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Plant Engineering Design

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Plant Hazard Mitigation

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