The flow of fluids through pipe connections, over aerofoils, turbine blades and other structures can generate unsteady forces on the surrounding parts that cause them to move. This movement may be intentional and necessary or unintentional but unavoidable. Our simulation consultants are experience in coupling various modelling & simulation tools allow us to perform fluid structural interactions (FSI) analysis which can assist the clients to understand and solve product design challenges. Our FSI & simulation services include but not limited to:

Fluid Structural Coupling

- CFD based applications

- Mechanical based applications

Thermal Structural Coupling

- Engines, gas turbines, heat exchangers

- Cryogenic components and systems


Our simulation consultants use ANSYS Mechanical to simulate everything from a bonded contact that treats joints between parts as if they are glued or welded together, to contact interfaces that allow parts to move apart and together with or without frictional effects. Being able to simulate contact correctly means that we can simulate the change in load paths when parts deform and confidently predict how assemblies will behave in the real world. Our simulation results can predict and solve structural problems, optimise designs and reduce costs of physical testing. Our FEA simulation services cover durability, fatigue, stress, strength, buckling, force estimations, vibrations and composite materials.

Fatigue analysis - Our analysis enables visualisation of life and damage during cyclic loading and can help to predict where failure may occur.

Large deflection - Analysis of geometric nonlinearities caused by large deflections means that much more accuracy can be accounted for due to effects such a stress stiffening. Linear assumptions during structural analysis may lead to inaccuracies.


Our simulation consultants use ANSYS Fluent which is the most-powerful CFD simulation software tool available, empowering our clients to go further and faster as we optimise their product's performance. Fluent includes well-validated physical modelling capabilities to deliver fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multiphysics applications. The projects we undertake are related to aerodynamic, single-phase, multiphase, multispecies, reaction chemistry, sliding mesh, combustion, energy and solidification-melting processes. Our computational fluid dynamics simulation services include but not limited to:


- Building & Environment: wind driven rain, pollutant emission, smoke propagation, thermal comfort

- Chemical & Petrochemical: unit operations, CSTR, distillation, cyclone, RTO, PFR, heat exchanger

- Defence & Security: air, naval, land, weapons development, terrorist attack scenarios

- Food & Beverage: equipment design, preparation processes, storage and distribution

- Renewable Energy: geothermal, wind power, hydro power and waste heat extraction

- Water and wastewater: pump sump, ballast water, open channel and pressure surge analysis


We provide simulation services to clients globally across many industries. Performing modelling & simulation without proper knowledge may lead to misleading results. To ensure the simulation results are accurate, we only assign personnel with a PhD qualification specialised in modelling and simulation. These specialists are supported by conventional engineering to ensure the prescribed solutions are realistic. In addition, we invest in ANSYS simulation software which represent more than 1,000 person-years of R&D and employ only heavily validated models which provide assurance to stakeholders of high accuracy results. We offer 3rd-party independent modelling & our simulation consultants have a combined experience of 50 years in modelling & simulation. Currently, we undertake complex projects globally and offer the following simulation services:

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD specialists)

- Finite Element Analysis (FEA specialists)

- Fluid Structural Interactions (FSI specialists)

- Explicit Non-linear Dynamics (END specialists)


Our simulation consultants use ANSYS Autodyn to simulate the response of materials to short duration severe loadings from impact, high pressure or explosions. We simulate complex physical phenomena such as the interaction of liquids, solids and gases; the phase transitions of materials; and the propagation of shock waves. Our Explicit Non-linear Dynamics simulation services include but not limited to:

- Aerospace Application: aircraft impact, space shield design and space debris impact

- Building and Environment: protective structures and terrorists attack scenarios

- Drop test: consumer products and military standard issue

- Explosives Development: studying the brisance of high explosives
- Personnel Protection: body armour, helmet against blast effect and projectiles
- Land Application: armour, anti-armour, mine protection and vulnerability against IEDs
- Naval Application: vessel vulnerability and underwater blast

- Material Science: properties, effectiveness of ballistic glass and reinforced concrete